Committee Members



General Chair

  Executive Trainer

Gary Fedorcha 
PDG District 7430


Dennis Zubler
PDG District 7640


Executive Committee



2018-19 DG
John May
District 7390


2018-19 DG
Cindy Hornaman
District 7430


2018-19 DG
Paul Quintavalla
District 7450


2018-19 DG
Bill Donnelly
District 7500*


2017-18 DGE
Joanne Ventura
District 7640*


*Please note: Effective July 1, 2018, Districts 7500 and 7640 will merge to become Rotary District 7505.

Committee Leads  

    Chair   Vice-Chair
Evaluations   John May    Patrick Rooney
Vendors   Cindy Hornaman    Herb Klotz
Registration   Paul Quintavalla    Peter Mardinly
Protocol   Bill Donnelly   Joanne Ventura
Treasurer   John Hammer   Bonnie Korengel
Sargent at Arms   Tom Price    
Webmaster   Brian Casey    
Hotel Liaison   Tony Jannetta